10 Tips For Getting Kids Interested In Photography

10 Tips For Getting Kids Interested In Photography

Sometimes it seems like kids today are born snapping photos. But if you want to help them explore photography beyond just selfies and Instagrams, it takes more than lending them your iPhone. So here are some great ways to share your passion with the young ones in your life, and maybe learn something about your own photography along the way.

1 Take your time
Don’t feel like you need to jam everything about photography into your first session with a kid. The educators we spoke with emphasized communicating bite-sized ideas that children can play with before introducing more complex concepts.

2 Start with the familiar
All of the educators we spoke with suggested starting with subjects with which children are intimately familiar—such as their families and their immediate environment.

3. Expose them to exposure
After you have a few sessions under your belt, gradually introduce the concepts of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Be sure to cover each one independently. Come up with ways to clearly demonstrate the way each one works and how it might be used, playing around with motion blur, over- and underexposing frames, and more.

4 Write it out
Challenging children to write or tell stories about the photos they take is a key way to broaden their understanding of the work they’ve made.

5 Put down the camera.
It’s easy for the device itself to be distracting, especially for younger kids. Seeing results moments after you shoot something can create an overly speedy mindset.

6 Give them a project.

7 Make an edit.
In this world of throwaway shots and unlimited exposures, the art of editing has never been more important.

8 Teach them with film
Nothing makes kids slow down like knowing they only have 24 frames to work with.

9 Don’t be afraid of the darkroom
If you can rig up a home darkroom, it’s like giving a kid superpowers—the impact on his or her understanding and connection to the medium will be immeasurable.

10 Keep things light
When frustration sets in, it’s time to take a break.

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