Let Nathanson’s turn your phone pics in to works of art.

Let Nathanson’s turn your phone pics in to works of art.

With cameras on smartphones becoming more advanced, the best choice to take pictures is the device right in everyone’s pocket. Having a small, portable camera available at all times of the day is starting to become the norm over buying a large, expensive camera.

There was a time when cameras on phones were a novelty. Low quality cameras took photos that were dark, blurry, and pixelated. Now, cameras that come installed on phones are capable of taking high quality photos which are good enough to want to share with family and friends. The technology has improved over time and it has created a desire to carry a camera to capture events as quick as they happen.

Nokia brand phones are offering the latest smartphone camera technology as it uses pixel oversampling. The camera will take a picture with up to 38 megapixels and then use that large data to create a sharp 5 megapixel image. The drop from 38 megapixels to 5 megapixels may seem steep, yet the technology is working with what the camera lens is able to capture. When large amounts of pixels are compressed together, the resulting photo can obtain a sharper image and brighter colors.

However, just because you have a great camera, doesn’t mean you can capture the best memory. Having a photographer with experience and proper lighting, and training is what takes the tool and makes the results you want. The 21st century advancements in digitalization have provided the necessary link, to provide our patrons with Family digital fine art. Many of our patrons have been with us for multiple decades so now we can provide them with this technological gift. We can deliver at the most creative level ever. You have become a part of this revolution. We can deliver art object by printing images that are wide open to the editing process. We can then choose different shapes, sizes, and multiple surfaces to best tell your life stories.

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