Photography Today

Photographic Fine Art: What does that mean?

The creative choices that have expanded so broadly mean we can give you so much more. Prior to digital photography there were many reasons why color photography was not considered a fine art. For one the colors would fade within a decade or two to the point that the original artist’s product was so changed that it was no longer fulfilling the original concept of what the artist meant. Then there were limitations in size, in shape, and prints surfaces. Today these surfaces extend into water color papers, aluminum, bamboo, Lucite, etc. giving the artist really broad powers of self-expression.

Digital Fine Art Legitimized and Personalized

The art world has now accepted digital fine art because of these advancements. Pioneers such as Michael Knigin and others created art pieces and established digital art departments at art schools such as Pratt Institute where Knigin (a former colleague of Nathanson’s) and others legitimized digital fine art. In that new tradition we can offer the new benefits. I personally embraced this movement from the get-go. Nathanson’s has been printing digital images for more than ten years. During those ten years the creative choices have exploded and we have enjoyed and brought those changes to our patrons and clients. Enduring color images, photo editing, multi-surface art pieces for you world to reflect your family’s experiences and elevate the personal habitats you live in. Home or office, your private world becomes personalized like never before.

You are the Art Patron

When Francesco Del Giaconda, in 1503, asked Leonardo DaVinci to paint an enduring art piece, a portrait of his wife Lisa Gherardini, he did so in the tradition of family art. Thus the Mona Lisa was created. The creation of digital images making has given birth to a new fine art form that can produce enduring art pieces of your family. The creative decisions involved have vastly expanded from the power to change any part of an image using advanced editing tools. Then we get to choose the size, the shape and the substrate (water color paper, bamboo, aluminum etc.) enabling this new fine art to enter into your family’s life. This is multi-generational art that holds its color for decades and decades. These art objects will reflect back to you the images of your beloved family members and fit into the most elegant living space.